Things To Do in London, Ontario

The city of London, Ontario, is perhaps not at the top of your list of places to visit in Canada, but you should consider going there. Even though it is not (yet) recognized on the tourist map, it strives to remedy the situation. London already has a well-earned reputation for crossroads of education and medicine with Western University and Fanshawe College, and hospitals (including Robarts Research Institute) recognized for their leading-edge research and training medical. However, thanks to its artistic and culinary scenes in full explosion, London is becoming a new tourism hub. Perfect size, it is large enough to attract entrepreneurs, while remaining on a human scale.




When we think of the theatre in the southwest of Ontario, the first place that comes to mind is probably Stratford, Niagara-on-the-Lake and other small rooms which are better known for their summer theatre followed. The Grand Theatre London is distinguished by its mainly played productions autumn and winter. Year after year, its leading program is based on chosen combed parts. If the action on stage is not enough fun, visitors can fall back on the fascinating legend of the the strange disappearance of Ambrose Small Toronto entrepreneur (site in English only), which operated the theatre before mysteriously vanish in nature in 1919.

In addition to the plays, the Grand Theatre also offers popular concerts Jeans ‘ n Classics (site in English) where world-class musicians offer original symphonic interpretations of works of well-known contemporary composers. This year, the concert titled Heartland: Current and Classic Country will feature the music of Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Johnny Cash, and Keith Urban, while the Apollo Hall of Fame concert will present the American swing.

Given all this creative talent, it is not surprising to see the city quickly a reputation in the music scene. You should visit the Aeolian Hall (English only site), who received twice the price “best concert hall” at the Jack Richardson Music Awards, and who was chosen among the best ten rooms at Canada by the CBC. The program is incredibly diverse, ranging from Celtic to flamenco, through musicals of Broadway and soul. I’ve recently seen a concert of Japanese drums (taiko) Nagata Shachu players, a fascinating musical work.


Fresh, local and organic

In line with the culinary scene booming across Canada, London offers many independent restaurants. The Root Cellar (site in English) is one of my favorites. Judging the number of times where I was recently invited to join friends and the crowd who is there, we can assume that this place has been adopted by the local population.

Inside, the décor is warm and trendy. The slogan, “from farm to fork. And fields by the glass Fresh, local and organic’ is revealing. I prefer organic wine, but beer lovers also find their account. The salads are so fresh; it’s like that the ingredients were picked the same day. A favorite dish is the fantastic AVO WRAP, a dried tomato roll with avocado, Black Bean salsa, aged cheddar, caramelized onion, lime aioli, and grilled Greens. Organic burgers of Buffalo from India free range on pasture in the area are also worth visiting.


Richmond Row: shops and taste buds

Once well sated, feel free to go to Richmond Row, another appreciated and lively commercial neighborhood where independent retailers offer unique products. If you still have a little peckish, you can here also taste exquisite dishes. Discover the fine cuisine of the restaurant Garlic’s of London (English only site) located near the Grand Theatre – which will allow you to watch the show from 8 pm – or relax in the casual Prince Albert’s dinner), which prides itself to prepare “the best milk struck in London”, which I have to admit that they are hard to beat.


Covent Garden market

No, you’re not in the United Kingdom! London has its own market Covent Garden in a reduced version. In summer, shops overflow on the outdoor terraces that turn into farmer’s market, while in winter it installs an ice rink! You can get the real feeling enjoying the London Ontario summer events.We found inside the kiosks offering fresh food, gifts, flowers, and cooked dishes to take away. I love shopping in open areas, and I never miss the opportunity to start with a few of the Chocolate Factory chocolate truffles.

Having not yet made his mark as a ‘tourist destination,’ London remains a true unsung gem. It has everything that cities have to offer, but on a more intimate scale (and without the endless queues!) Spend a day, or even a weekend in London with my list of activities to do in your pocket, and you’ll understand why so many people chose to settle there. I would never consider living elsewhere.

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