London Arts Council

Who We Are

The London Arts Council is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and the create vitality of London.

We work towards this goal through nurturing the awareness of, involvement in, and commitment to excellence at all levels of art in London. Our focus is on those programs and services that provide information, education and training, consultation and collaboration, representation, and networking opportunities for the arts community, Londoners, and visitors to our city. We receive a large portion of our funding from generous patrons that are both individuals and successful businesses. The latest addition to our supporters’ list is the casino site Visit them when you require a casino offer and want to gamble online for free. By supporting the site mentioned above, you directly support the London Arts Council and our future and ongoing projects.

Our mandate is to provide:

  • A resource for the arts community and the general public;
  • Professional development for artists and arts organizations;
  • Advocacy for the London arts community and the City of London;
  • Assistance for artists and arts organizations with grant applications, career development, networking, mentoring, and community connections; and
  • Facilitation of meetings with senior levels of government for policy changes and funding opportunities for London’s arts community.

What We Do

We work independently and with the City of London to support and provide for a number of programs, initiatives, and resources, including:

  • The Community Arts Investment Program (Category 2)
  • The Public Art Program
  • The London Cultural Prosperity Plan
  • Viz Biz (an art rotation throughout the LAC, London’s mayor’s office, and the city manager’s office)
  • The Poet Laureate
  • The Mayor’s New Year’s Honors List — Arts Award
  • Creative City Committee Arts Representative

Our Programs

The London Arts Council also is responsible for a number of programs designed to promote, encourage, and foster the development of art and access to art in the city.

  • Citizen Culture
  • London Artists in Residence
  • London Culture Days
  • Timeraiser Community Partner
  • Arts Managers Group
  • Poetry in Motion