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The London Arts Council and London Heritage Council are responsible for implementing, administering, and supporting a number of programs designed to promote and increase accessibility to London’s cultural community.

The London Arts Council is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and the create vitality of London. Doors Open London Website works towards this goal through nurturing the awareness of, involvement in, and commitment to excellence at all levels of art in London. Our focus is on those programs and services that provide information, education and training, consultation and collaboration, representation, and networking opportunities for the arts community, Londoners, and visitors to our city.

Doors Open London Ontario works independently and with the City of London to support and provide for a number of programs, initiatives, and resources.
The London Arts Council also is responsible for a number of programs designed to promote, encourage, and foster the development of art and access to art in the city.

The London Heritage Council is a not-for-profit cultural heritage umbrella organization. Its mission is to inspire, nurture, and manage innovative initiatives through collaboration and coordination throughout the region. The London Heritage Council works to provide education and training opportunities, as well as consultation and collaboration services, for the heritage sector. It serves the public through the support of museums, and heritage and cultural organizations. The London Heritage Council is responsible for overseeing and supporting a number of local initiatives. When talking about Travel London Ontario, here as well you can find Tourism London Ontario Events.

Citizen Culture

Doors Open London Website about the Education in Doors Open London.

Welcome to Citizen Culture, a new program that gives newcomers, new Canadians, Londoners and tourists, a pass to explore history, art and culture in London.

If you’ve lived in Canada for five years or less, and are a resident of London, you are eligible to receive your free Citizen Culture ‘Newcomers’ pass and London Ontario Culture. The pass gets you free admission to local museums, art galleries, theater shows and more London Ontario Music Events. If you are a visitor, on our website you can find suggestions and tips about hings to do and places to visit in London Ontario. We also recommend visiting the FreeBonus-CA site where you can find dozens of free Microgaming games thanks to these new promotional no deposit bonuses that are being offered. Head over there if you like a bit of entertainment and miss the thrill of winning big.

Cultural Prosperity Plan


London’s Cultural Prosperity Plan identifies current and future priorities for strengthening the cultural sector that, in turn, provides an opportunity for an increased quality of life and experience for residents and visitors.
Well, that’s culture and your thoughts and ideas count!  So, with the participation of our community, London’s Cultural Prosperity Plan has been put in place to broaden understanding and collaborations, enhance London’s continued evolution as a leading community in Canada for cultural workers to live, incubate new ideas, and deliver culture to all facets of our community. is sharing  the development of this plan. The development is a collaborative undertaking which includes community engagement aimed at generating a shared cultural vision for our City.  We collected ideas and perspectives from all Londoners who wanted to assist in developing our City and shape the Cultural Prosperity Plan. Also Doors Open London Website would be thankful if people share opinions about the type of events they like, such as London Ontario Music Events, London Ontario Summer Events, London Ontario Singles Events.

Ontario Business Opportunities

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London Artists in Residence


The London Artists in Residence program funds London-based artists to collaboratively develop and deliver in-depth, integrated arts-infused projects with teachers in the Thames Valley District and London District Catholic School Boards. The London Arts Council has developed the London Artists in Residence (LAIR) program. The program funds London-based artists to collaboratively develop and deliver in-depth, integrated arts-infused projects with teachers in the Thames Valley District and London District Catholic School Boards. London’s artists in all disciplines had an opportunity to apply to be on a local roster administered by the London Arts Council, and artists from the roster have been selected to participate in the pilot.