City Hall


300 Dufferin Avenue, London – > Google Maps Link
Saturday & Sunday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm




City Hall was officially opened in 1971. The building is a unique design with a symbolic concept. The Hall was designed as two interlocking buildings. At the base is the black granite oval-shaped section which represents the elected people. The curving white administrative tower houses administration and staff. The building cost $6,200,000 including carpets, drapes and furnishings.

DO London Experience

The City Hall lobby, 2nd floor including the Council Chambers and the 12th floor cafeteria and observation deck will be open to the public to visit. During Doors Open, City Hall staff and politicians will be encouraging visitors to give us your ideas about your ideal city on a large white board on which a map of London is projected. There will also be some documents and books related to the history of London available to visitors for viewing.

Photography: Interior & Exterior – Photography, Filming & Tripod Permitted