Museum School London

Museum School London makes the arts, science, and Canadian history come alive


MUSEUM SCHOOL LONDON provides elementary students with an unforgettable week of learning and discovery. This innovative approach to education allows teachers to move their classrooms into a museum setting for a full week of curriculum-based experiential learning.

During a Museum School London week, students and teachers will:

  • Experience one of London's unique heritage sites
  • Participate in hands-on curriculum co-developed by teachers and museum staff
  • Connect with the curriculum by seeing first-hand how what they are learning applies in their community
  • Learn through doing

Museum School London promotes the use of experience journals to encourage students to slow down, observe, reflect, and make connections to the world beyond the classroom. This interactive, award winning program enables students to develop their writing, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.


Openings for the 2015-16 Museum School London program are available. Visit our applications page.