London Artist in Residence

The London Artist in Residence program brings the classroom to life with creative energy that enhances the learning environment.

The London Artist in Residence (LAIR) program funds London-based artists to collaboratively develop and deliver in-depth, integrated arts-infused projects with teachers in the Thames Valley District and London District Catholic School Boards. It makes the classroom come alive by not only engaging children and youth in the arts, but promoting the value of the arts to youth, school boards and the community at large.


For students struggling with traditional teaching methods, arts experiences can be a catalyst for learning. The collaborative nature of instruction between the teacher and artist is vital to the effectiveness of the program. Beyond enhancing students’ skills in the arts, research has shown that students’ ability to use the creative process effectively and independently transfers to other academic subjects that require thinking skills such as critical analysis, problem-solving, planning & organization, perseverance and divergent thinking.