Kilworth United Church

2442 Oxford Street West,
Sunday, 11:30 pm – 4:00 pm

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Built in 1850, it’s one of the few reminders of the once-thriving village of Kilworth. The little stone church was erected as an Episcopal Methodist Church. The building you see today has rock and stone walls that are two feet thick. Many are hand-hewn, petrified rocks from the nearby Wishing Well spring. Petrified objects can be found in the rock walls of the church, particularly at the four corners. On the front wall can be found imprints of ancient beech tree leaves as well as of sticks and frogs. In 1890, A Sunday school was added at the rear of the structure where many church suppers have also been held and more recently a kitchen and washrooms were added. The stone entrance was created in 1939, the same year electricity was installed. Except for changes to the pulpit, the sanctuary has remained largel! y unchanged since the church was built, remaining simple and Spartan.

DO London Experience

A trip back in time to the earlier settlers of Kilworth area. Dessert and Coffe/Tee will be available.

Photography: Interior & Exterior – Photography, Filming and Tripod Permitted

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  • Self-Guided Tours Available